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Posted on October 24, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

How Long Does It Take to Read the Bible?  Ever wondered?

The answer is 77 hours and 22 minutes. The popular NIV Bible reading on DVD and online that is read by Max McLean takes exactly that long. He reads at an even, spoken pace - no too slow and not too fast.  

So let's do the math:  If the Bible takes 77 hours and 22 minutes to read - that is a total of 4642 minutes. So if you read at the same pace as Mr. McLean, it would take only 12 minutes and 43 seconds per day for you to read the Bible through in one year.

Have you ever wanted to read through the entire Bible but just looked at that thick book and felt overwhelmed?  My suggestion is to take it in bite size pieces.  Certainly less than 13 minutes is not overwhelming, is it?  The whole Bible in only 13 minutes bites!!  I hear ya saying, "now I can do that!"

Here’s some good points to remember when reading the Bible:

1.  You will not understand every part you read.  Listen, you're not a Seminary Bible Professor, you're just a student!  So read through it and get out of it what you can.  God will speak to you what you need to know right now where you are at - don't worry about the rest.

2.  Consider your environment.  Are there distractions when you try to read?  Have I chosen a time when I will be too tired to concentrate? Are you looking 'down' when you read?  When we look down, we mostly close our eyes, making us sleepy, and we bow our heads too.  Sit up, turn on the lights, and keep that head up!

3.  Choosing a good Bible is important.  The NIV, ESV, and KJV are versions I suggest.  But sample different versions before you buy a Bible,and talk to your Pastor for some help on this topic.  A Study Bible, like The Concordia Self-Study Bible, will have notes to help you understand what you are reading.

4.  Use the same Bible each time if you can.  Many of us are visual learners and so we remember where verses are by where we saw them on the page.  Also, don't be afraid to write in your Bibles.  Some people feel it's not right to do this, but God's Word needs to be written in your heart and mind most of all.  So do what it takes to help you remember and learn.

5.  In whatever you read, read prayerfully.  Ask God before hand to show you what He wants to show you today.  Pray while you are reading and ask Him to help you understand.  And pray afterwards that God will use what you learned in His Word to bless your and others' lives.  You will be AMAZED at times at how God will speak to you throughout your life from what you read in His Word!

Give God 13 minutes each day to speak to you.  I promise you, it will never be time wasted!

Pastor Dan McQuality
Grace Lutheran Church (ELS), Lincoln, Illinois