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So Glad You Are Here!

GOD HAS BEEN POURING OUT HIS BLESSINGS UPON US!  One of the best blessings  is our NEW CHURCH BUILDING  at 201 S. College St. in Lincoln.  We are getting the building ready for Worship and our Dedication Service will be October 29th at 10:30am.  ALL ARE INVITED TO COME AND JOIN US!  AND NOT JUST FOR THE SERVICE ONLY, BUT TO BECOME PART OF OUR FAITH FAMILY AND GROW IN THE GRACE AND KNOWLEDGE OF OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST!  

Maybe lately you have been thinking about getting coming back to Church?  

Could there be any better time then to start now??


1.  We Are Convinced Everyone Needs Jesus As Their Savior

If you were to die tonight, would God let you into Heaven?  Most people say 'yes' because they feel they are a pretty good person and that they've done their best.  But by what standard are you measuring your 'goodness'?  Jesus said, "Be perfect, therefore, as your Father in Heaven is perfect".  Have you been perfect like Jesus commanded?  If the 10 Commandments are God's rules and standards, have you kept God's commandments to not lie; have you ever hated someone; is your sexual life pure before God; have you unselfishly always put God and others first before your own desires or needs?  God's commandments are hard and make us say, "that's impossible to be perfect!", and that's exactly what God is showing us!  We all fall short of keeping God's commandments perfectly and being able to reach God's glory in Heaven on our own.  We therefore need a Savior, someone to help us, if we  want to go to Heaven.  This is where GRACE comes in (this what we named our Church).  As our substitute, Jesus lived the perfect life in our place and only He fulfilled ALL of God's commands perfectly.  He did what we could not do and then as an innocent man, died in our place, taking the punishment of our sins.  After dying on the cross, God raised Jesus from the dead to show that He has accepted Jesus' perfect sacrifice on our behalf.  Those that now reject sin and cling to Jesus as their Savior are now made right with God by faith and grace.  " Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12).  WE BELIEVE YOU NEED A SAVIOR!

2.  Grace Lutheran Is a Different Kind of Church!

American Churches are changing and not for the better.  Why?  BECAUSE MOST NO LONGER TAKE SERIOUS JESUS AND HIS MESSAGE OF SALVATION.  Even our own children are leaving the Churches and not coming back!  This shows that while most Christians say they believe in Heaven and in Hell, most no longer live with the conviction that these really exist and that they truly need the Savior.  And so what has the modern Church become?:  it's about maintaining a building, routine meetings and meeting budgets, or trying to entertain people with music, skits, and every gimmicky program under the sun.  Instead of a diet of fluff and cotton candy, our Church feeds on the meat and potatoes of God's Word.  150,000 people die and enter eternity every single day.  Stop and digest that fact and that someday, you and I will be part of that daily number.  We take seriously why Jesus died and rose from the dead, and the fact that we need Jesus as our Savior.  So as individuals and as a Congregation, WE NEED TO BE THE CHURCH THAT IS DIFFERENT THAN MOST!  

3.   We Want You And All Others To Go To Heaven With Us And We Invite You To Share In God's Work At Grace Lutheran Church.

Read point # 3 again.  

That's what we're all about...

GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH is located at the 201 South College Street in Lincoln, Illinois.  We are proudly share in the fellowship of the ELS.  

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1458 HWY 121, Lincoln, IL


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